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"I Wish I'd Had A Fisher"

The Photo below is on display in our store.  We became a authorized Fisher Stove Dealer in 1975, we started selling the papa bear, mama bear, baby bear, grandpa, grandma, then latter when they became available we added the Fisher fireplace insert and the Goldilocks.  With increasing fuel prices the demand was great, in addition to  our showroom we had a warehouse and storage trailers filled with wood stoves to supply the demand.  We added other brands of wood burning stoves  including Virginian Stoves & furnaces, Englander stoves, E-Z Insert, Craft Stoves, Apache Stoves, Westland Stoves, Kerr Furnaces, and many more.  We also sold the Carolina & Aqual II Water stoves, and we built the WATERMASTER WATER STOVE.  OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACES & WATER STOVES NOW AVAILABLE WATERSTOVES

We now continue to sell the ENGLANDER  line of stoves at our store located at the corner of NC HWY 109 & Garner RD., Denton, NC DIRECTIONS    We now sell the safe & efficient SOLAR COMFORT INFRARED HEATER: For Infomation click on: INFRARED_HEATERS     We sell the following products at our store:  metal chimneys, stainless chimney relining supplies,  hearth products, heating supplies.  We  can ship replacement  stove parts for many brands of older stoves, also stove glass, blowers, and catalytic combustors for most brands of stoves available for shipment wtihin the Continental United States: for a partial listing of parts & prices click on:  For LINKS to Replacement Wood Stove Parts Click on:  

REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR FISHER STOVES INCLUDE:   6"  & 8"  22 Gauge Fisher pipe adaters.  Replacement draft caps,  brass or nickel spring handles, firebrick.



DENTON, NC 27239

PH 336-859-2401